IV Hydration Specialists in Millersville, MD

Brittle hair and nails aren’t something you need to accept as you age. While you can expect your skin, hair, and nails to evolve over time, you can improve their texture with customizable beauty infusions and injections at Vida Fusion Health and Wellness, serving the greater Annapolis, Maryland, area at the Millersville, Maryland, office. Sonya Williams, RN, and Gabrielle Prince, MD, offer a variety of nutritional boosters to accompany your beauty treatments, too. Call Vida Fusion Health and Wellness to schedule an appointment or book online.  

Beauty Infusions and Injections Q & A

What are beauty infusions and injections?

If you feel like your skin, hair, and nails are aging or declining in quality, beauty infusions and injections can deliver the nutrients you need to restore their youthful shine. Vida Fusion Health and Wellness lets you decide which procedure you prefer:



Intravenous (IV) infusions drip through a catheter into your vein. They deliver instant nutrition and hydration, and you can customize your beauty infusions with boosters if you choose to do so. 



Intramuscular injections are another fast way of getting nutrients into your system. They go into your muscle tissue. The benefits appear more slowly than with infusions, but the treatment doesn’t take as long. 

What are the benefits of beauty infusions and injections?

Beauty infusions and injections use vitamins and minerals to boost the health and radiance of your hair, skin, and nails, which change as you age. They become thinner or brittler than they were in your youth. Similarly, some nutrient deficiencies affect their texture and appearance too. 

You might be interested in beauty infusions or injections if you have:

  • Gray hair
  • Lots of hair breakage
  • Brittle nails
  • Pitted nails
  • Dry skin

You can get beauty infusions on occasion or as part of your weekly or biweekly routine. 

Which nutrients are in beauty infusions and injections?

You can customize your beauty infusions with boosters and additional nutrients, but their basic key ingredients remain the same. Every vitamin infusion has a hydrating saline base. Various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants offer benefits for your hair, skin, and nails, including:

  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione
  • Zinc

Antioxidants, such as glutathione, play an important role in any beauty infusion or injection as they protect your cells from free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that cause damage to the DNA inside your cells. 

How long does a beauty infusion take?

If you opt for infusions over injections, you can expect your infusion at Vida Fusion Health and Wellness to take 30-45 minutes. The experience is relaxing; you may read, nap, listen to music, or bring an electronic device. 

Call Vida Fusion Health and Wellness or schedule an appointment online for customizable beauty infusions or injections.